The Sentient Castrum That Once Protected the Octopoids Now Has Nothing But Time

As a castle I was helpless. The Nimbus came again and breathed a biting cold against my façade. The array of wintry daggers reminded me of great yesterdays of when I was a castle. The magnificent days. Brighter and lighter days. The days when the royal Octopoids I housed ruled over a desolate, gorgeous moon. I served them with patience, with sturdiness. I served them until The Pulse took place. 

The Pulse was the bursting wave that bent all things out of shape.

I was stripped bare and mauled by The Pulse. I was violated by a happening with no face, by a massive tear in time. My rocky frontage part was gone, though I maintained a strong expression on the left-hand side, the side that allowed me sight. Over centuries I saw things fall, and for years and now I rot and freeze and watch.

I watch the Lonely Time Traveler from Afar. He stands in the same spot, trapped in the atmosphere of The Nimbus. He moved slowly, once. He was a victim of The Pulse, a humanoid displaced out of time. Before he froze he made a joke. And now he stands unmoving, statuesque, next to a garish time-displaced vehicle and it looks very poignant from a distance.

A 1987 Blue Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, perhaps.

The gaudy auto arrived moments after the Lonely Time Traveler from Afar arrived on my moon. It came covered in filth and with an air of excesses. It wasn’t sentient, either. It couldn’t communicate. This made me sad. And moments after the tawdry motorthing's arrival, it became a kitschy toy for the surviving Octopoids.

The Octopoid that survived was formerly an Urchin, a small, smelly one without a family. She lived inside of me for months. I did my best to keep her small and slippery form warm, and when we felt The Pulse I did all I could to protect her, meaning that I couldn’t do much at all. She was the lone survivor and I watched her as I rotted and froze, watched her grow in size but not adulthood. She never had the chance to come of age. There was no one alive to teach her, to communicate with her. I watched her play with the old car toy, watched her slide close to The Lonely Time Traveler from Afar. She still knows nothing other than physical pleasure and hunger.

I watch from afar and do nothing, because I have nothing but time.