This is the title track from Mucopus' second album. It was recorded at Shaark Studios in Bzenec, Czech Republic during the summer of 2007. I played guitars on the record.

Success in the arts (to me, anyway) is coming as close as you can to  sculpting out your vision as accurately as you possibly can. I feel like if at least 80% of your goal is still in tact at the end of your project you can and should consider it a triumph. This song ended up one of my prouder musical moments simply because the result was damn close to what I originally envisioned.

None of your creative projects will end up perfect. Ever. And that's totally fine. Stop wasting your time meticulously editing and tweaking your song, your painting, your novel, whatever it is. After you've put in the work (and make sure that you actually have put in the work), be malleable with your material. Finish it and let it go. And then make more cool shit.