Terrible Delicatessen -- 9.23.13

 You Light Up My Life, Part III --  I'm Maladjusted, But That's OK

Was there ever a time in your life where you've spiraled into violent self-doubt and outlandish neuroses over a significant other? Of course  you have!

Well, unless you're one of those overconfident, sociopathic reprobates that don't know what I'm talking about. You're not one of those types, are you?  Of course    you're not!

 Kreemie quite literally spirals into self-doubt this week as he waits for the mysterious cute Eastern European chica to meet him in front of The Deli. Will she come? Won't she?


And she listens to Albert Ayler! Come on! What a catch! 


NEXT WEEK: Find out who this inscrutable little lass actually is! Origin story time! It'll be like a Bronze Age Marvel book, just... you know. Not.

Non nobis solum nati sumus.